Best Bluetooth Car Visor Speakerphone 2020 Detailed Review

Best Bluetooth Car Visor Speakerphone 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Bluetooth Car Visor Speakerphone: Using your phone in your car can be a frustrating experience. Not only is it illegal to touch your phone while operating a vehicle, but police have been cracking down significantly on this problem. 


Bluetooth Visor Speakerphones are a great way to solve this problem. We can upgrade our existing vehicles with modern technology, and answering or hanging up calls is a snap.

The best part of all? Using them is both safe and legal. The question is, which one do you choose? We’ve gone through dozens of competing speakerphones and picked the best three models. 

SuperTooth Buddy 

SuperTooth Buddy 

SuperTooth isn’t one of the most well-known manufacturers on the market, because they don’t exactly have a wide range of products.

That being said, they know the Bluetooth business and they make very high-quality products. SuperTooth is one of the best-reviewed manufacturers of hands-free devices, the Buddy is the latest generation of their highly-respected line. 

Ease of Use 

One of the main things we looked for when selecting the best speakerphones was the simple to use the system. The objective is to keep your eyes on the road, so anything that requires a lot of thought to use can be dangerous.

Fortunately, ease of use is one of the areas that the SuperTooth Buddy excels. While driving, all you have to do is reach up and touch the giant green button to answer a call, just like many other models we recommended. 


Of all the Bluetooth speakerphones we’ve reviewed, the SuperTooth buddy is one of the most compact models available. It doesn’t take up much space on your visor, which is especially important if you have a large mirror or pockets built-in.

The design is reasonably plain, but still suitably modernized. What we liked about it was that there are no distracting features. The only two things that stand out are the green answer button and the red voice command button, so you know what to push even if you’re only looking at it out of the corner of your eye. 

Audio Quality 

The speakers inside the SuperTooth buddy are very large, and have slightly exaggerated bass, and rolled off highs. We actually really enjoyed this sound. Call quality is typically not very good and can create a harsh sound.

The way these speakers are designed seems to smooth out the audio and compensate for the internal noise in the car. On the other end of the spectrum, the microphone is also quite good.

It’s an omnidirectional mic, so it picks up all noise around it. This means that if you have passengers, they will also be able to speak into the mic and still be heard. 

Motorola Roadster 2 

Motorola Roadster 2 

When it comes to mobility, Motorola is one of the best-known brands in the industry. Starting with their high-end cellphones, their Bluetooth earbuds, and now their hands-free devices, they’ve got a proven track record of producing high-end products. 

Ease of Use 

Although core functionality is still very simple, they’ve managed to cram a whole lot of additional functionality into the Motorola Roadster 2 that can make your life easier. For starters, there is the FM transmitter function.

This allows the audio from your phone to be pumped through the car stereo and can broadcast Bluetooth music as well. The “answer call” button is located front and center along the top of the speaker, so it’s very easy to push.

Right next to it is a mute button, so you can temporarily mute the mic to speak to your passenger. There are also volume controls as well as a play or pause button located on the bottom, in case you want to stop the music while accessing that feature. 

Audio Quality 

this is the one area where this speaker really excels. The included two-watt speaker is powerful, producing a sound that seems much larger than you’d expect from such a compact speaker.

That being said, if you take advantage of the built-in FM transmitter, you’ll be able to use the existing stereo installed in your car.

Typically, this is much better than anything produced by a portable speaker, allowing the audio quality to extend beyond the limitations of this form factor. 


This compact speaker definitely has a very professional and sleek appearance. The entire speaker is gently curved, accenting its modern appearance.

This curve also ensures that it’s easy to see the primary controls, whether your visor is down or in the upright position.

Around the frame of the speaker is a polished metal bezel, employing the same design elements used in many modern cars and cellphones. It’s squared-off look is still very compact, but helps to stand out in your vehicle. 

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To know the best Bluetooth Car Visor Speakerphone where basic use is concerned, any one of these models will allow you to take calls without putting yourself at risk. But the small differences between these units can have a pretty big impact on their functionality. 

If you’re looking for longer battery life and improved audio quality, the SuperTooth Buddy is the next step up. The lithium-ion battery should last at least a week of common use, and it only takes a few hours to get it fully back to charge. The speakers are designed to reduce the harshness of your phone call, making them more enjoyable to listen to. 

But if you really want the best audio quality, you should definitely consider the Motorola Roadster 2. It’s not the internal speaker that makes this model great, but its ability to broadcast Bluetooth audio over FM frequencies.

This lets you take your calls over the speakers built into your vehicle, and when not in use you can use it to playback some music. It’s not much more expensive than competing models, but these additional features make it a great buy in our eyes. 

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