Bellabeat LEAF Health Tracker Smart Jewelry 2020 Detailed Review

Bellabeat LEAF Health Tracker Smart Jewelry 2020 Detailed Review.

Bellabeat LEAF Health Tracker Smart Jewelry: We’ve become disconnected from ourselves. A lot of us have wrecked our natural ability to sleep beautifully all night long and reach a true restful state. Worst of all, we don’t know how bad it’s gotten. 

We all recognize it. We get pains, have constant stress, and don’t feel energized all day long because of our hectic habits, and aren’t vivified when we’re relaxed. 

It’s time to change all of that. 


Bellabeat’s Leaf Urban is a wellness tracker that looks like no other. With no screens or buttons, Leaf Urban is a stylish way to help keep life in balance. Optimized for women’s health, Leaf Urban tracks sleep, activity, and reproductive health; provides insights, predicts stress, and offers meditations.

The Leaf Urban can also be worn all day, shower, workout, and night thanks to its waterproof design and natural hypoallergenic materials. Wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or clip! 

Build & Design 

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is a large pendant that is worn as a clip, bracelet, or necklace. 

It is made of an elegant wood composite that is formed into a stone-like frame. It has a leaf-shaped clip attached which is made of stainless steel. A bracelet strap made of genuine leather, a chain, and a battery replacement tool also comes along in the box. 

Battery & Sync 

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban can wirelessly sync with the Bellabeat App” which is available both on Google Play and Apple Store. The minimum requirement of this app is iPhone 4s or higher, or Android 4.3 or higher. 

Bring Your Body into Nature’s Rhythm 

Bring Your Body into Nature’s Rhythm 

It’s time to connect back to nature. We need to find a way to utilize our own ability to rest and heal, and Bellabeat offers a harmonious solution that allows us to do both. Here’s what makes it such a natural approach. 

It helps is attain better sleep. Longing to stay under the covers after 8 hours of being asleep is actually not normal, and is a big sign that we need to correct something.

There are a lot of causes for lack of restful sleep, and LEAF will help us target the quality and quantity of our sleep. Afterward, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to improve your sleep for long- and short-term benefits. You need this type of analysis. 

Bellabeat LEAF works with nature, rather than against it. It’s a major breakthrough in our patterns and awareness that we need, and now is the best opportunity to take advantage of it using a harmonious approach. Even the design is congruent with this. 

Does the Bellabeat Leaf Urban Really Help? 

If you need a less obvious fitness tracker (more precisely, a piece of jewelry) that looks great but still does all the key jobs that you expect a fitness-tracking smartwatch to do then the Leaf Urban could be just the ticket. 

It’s certainly aimed at the women’s market with features like Menstrual Cycle Tracking (Period Tracking), and pregnancy tracking.  

It does lack in some sides, for instance, it doesn’t have heart rate monitoring (although, they ruled it out intentionally) and it is missing a display on the device. But compared to other similar smart jewelry, it remains on the top. 


– No screens or buttons
– Optimized for women’s health
– Water-resistant
– It’s shower safe
– Wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or clip
– Tracks activity, sleep, stress, meditation, and reproductive health
– Made of wood composite material and hypoallergenic stainless steel
– Long-lasting replaceable battery 



Every LEAF is unique. Just as nature shapes and models every individual leaf on every tree differently, so does Bellabeat. They take into consideration and study nature’s patterns and create LEAF technology based on their findings. It’s even made of 100% American wood. 

These beautiful devices actually take us back to nature, with their soft and elegant wood clip, bracelet, and necklace wood companions. 

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