Amazon Echo Tap & Dot 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits

Amazon Echo Tap & Dot 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits. 

Amazon Echo Tap & Dot: Released last year, Amazon Echo (Alexa) is a device that’s designed specifically around your voice.

Since it can hear you from virtually any room, you’re never more than a few seconds away from asking it to assist you with a wide range of tasks – looking up facts, creating shopping lists, playing music, provide news, control lights, and so much more.

Amazon Echo Tap & Dot  

Introducing Amazon Echo Tap & Dot 

Just recently, Amazon announced it’s an upcoming release for their latest two products that are just like the original Echo (Alexa), but designed a bit differently. 

Echo Dot looks quite similar to the top part of the Echo since it’s a slimmed-down version that allows you to use your own speaker with its line-out port or Bluetooth connection.

This can turn virtually any speaker into the audible part of Amazon Echo while still offering the same highly anticipated features that Echo is famous for.

Since it’s built-in a small profile, it’s the best option for expanding Alexa’s capabilities to more areas of your home. With the Dot, however, there are some tiny speakers built-in, so you won’t necessarily need to connect your own speaker.

Echo Tap is catered specifically toward outdoor, on-the-go use, as it’s their portable, battery-powered version that offers both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Offering full wireless capabilities with its own integrated battery, Amazon Tap doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet for any reason other than to charge. 



Once both devices are connected to the internet and the smartphone app, you can access Alexa. The Tap, however, is not waiting for you to say “Alexa” to wake it up. Instead, the smart speaker utilizes a “tap and ask” system in conjunction with your Wi-Fi network.

Once set up, tap the microphone button located on the end of the device and ask Alexa to do something — just like you would with the Echo.

If you do want to use voice control with your Tap, going to Settings and select Hands-Free within the Alexa app.

Nonetheless, even with the microphone on, the Tap should last for roughly nine hours on a single charge. 


Both devices can access Skills while connected to the internet.

If you enable Skills on your Alexa-equipped device, you can order an Uber, check the status of your flight, find your phone, and carry out a host of other useful actions (many of which we’ve detailed in our roundup of the most useful Alexa skills).

There’s currently a wide selection of Skills to choose from — including a Digital Trends Skill — and both the Tap and Echo can perform these Skills on a moment’s notice. 


While neither device will win any awards when it comes to design, these black pillars keep it simple and understated. The Tap looks similar to the Echo in that both are cylindrical and black, though the similarities stop there.

The Tap is shorter and slimmer than the Echo, making it better suited for portable use.

Unfortunately, the Tap does not have an IP rating, meaning it’s not water-resistant like most Bluetooth speakers on the market. 

The charging cradle for the Tap — a small, smooth base — makes charging simple and hassle-free. You simply place the Tap on the charging cradle to charge the battery.

One of the key design differences between the Tap and the Echo is the number of controls on the Tap.

The top of the Tap has controls for adjusting volume and playback, the front of the speaker displays the microphone button.

The back also features both an auxiliary port and a MicroUSB port. 


Amazon is no stranger to phenomenal customer service. In fact, Amazon truly has some of the best customer services – and that can easily be agreed upon.

Both the Dot and Tap are covered by a wonderful 1 year (12 months) limited warranty and service period that’ll keep them operating perfectly with extra assurance.

Additionally, there are 1, 2, and 3-year extensions available on this warranty for United States-based consumers who want to pay a bit extra for a longer time frame 



The Tap is good as a speaker but not as a smart home device.

The Echo is good as a smart home device and not a speaker.

When considering which to buy, consider what you’ll be using the device for. If you’re looking for something that you can use around your house to make lists, set reminders, and ask questions, you should get the Echo.

You will be able to talk to it from across the room and know that it will be connected to the internet.

It has superior sound and protection that the Echo does not have. 


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