3 Best Wireless Hygrometers 2020 Detailed Review

3 Best Wireless Hygrometers 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Wireless Hygrometers  can help  remotely monitor temperature and humidity. Alert will be sent to “Govee Home. Help keep an eye on your house when you’re away from home


Humidity levels affect the materials of your house, items in that house, your physical comfort, and the quality of air.

For this reason, you should monitor the humidity levels in your store, home, greenhouse, and animal cage.

Although some people use an analog hygrometer, this article will focus on digital hygrometers.

Today, the market is flooded with hygrometers, something that confuses consumers and retailers due to the marketing hype.

To help you find a suitable digital hygrometer, this article shares the best hygrometer for humidors with the most precision.

Gienar Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer

The Gienar Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer offers you a small gadget featuring a sleek design that you can use to get an accurate temperature and humidity feedback.

This product measures 5.3 × 5.3 × 2.4cm and is made from a combination of aluminum alloy, plastic, and other electronic components.

The weight of 54g makes this wireless hygrometer a comfortable product to use, transport, install, or store when needed.

This wireless hygrometer is highly convenient to use because you can use it in both indoor and outdoor areas.

You can place in your house in places like the baby room, wine cellar, and pet bed or in the warehouse to monitor your indoor temperature and humidity levels.

Moreover, you can use it comfortably in scientific experiments, breeding, modern agricultural cultivation, and other outdoor instances.


  • Connects to phone through a free mobile app
  • Small and lightweight
  • MEMS Digital Sensor


  • Bluetooth connectivity depends on specific phone requirements

Tempo Disc Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer

Tempo Disc provides you with a high-quality wireless hygrometer that provides you with accurate temperature and humidity measurements from the data logger with a sensor calibrated by the factory.

The ultra-small product ensures that you can use it in minimal space and keep it hidden if required.

This Bluetooth wireless thermometer and hygrometer connects to apps in android and iOS to enable you to read graphs from the measurements provided by the product.

You can also create your apps for the devices using SDKs for iOS or integrate the Tempo Disc into third-party gateways using an API, ultimately broadening your system.


  • Large air vents
  • Ultra-small size
  • Easy to us


  • Remote monitoring needs wifi gateway when out of Bluetooth range

Inkbird Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer

The Inkbird Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer present you a product that links with IOS and Android systems through the free Engbird app to allow you to monitor the readings remotely.

You can study historical data and look at real-time measurements to help you to analyze and make appropriate decisions in areas of interest.

The wireless hygrometer comes with a data option that you can use to select sampling intervals that range from 10 seconds up to 30 minutes.

This feature ensures you can manage the storage of data since the product can store data for twenty days when using the 1-minute sampling interval.

Further, this wireless hygrometer from Inkbird measures a range of up to 50m when there are no obstructions.


  • Sampling interval selection
  • Free Engbird app supports multi-language
  • An internal sensor and external probe


  • The app may require location permission

Brifit Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with 3 Wireless Sensors

This wireless hygrometer provides you with a convenient, high-quality product that you can hang on the wall or place it to stand on a surface.

This product gives you humidity readings ranging from 20%~90% for both indoors and outdoors.

You also can get temperature measurements as the hygrometer has an outside range of -30°C~+60°C and an indoor one of 0°C~+50°C.

You can read the frozen point alert on the device where the flickering exclamation mark and snow symbols indicate outdoor temperatures from -3C~+1C.

Besides, you will find it easy to use this hygrometer because it features a backlight that you can turn on to view the data clearly in the dark.

The light turns off automatically, which enables you to save on power and help to conserve the battery life.

You can also use this product to get readings from three different places due to the three sensors with which it comes.


  • Easy to set up
  • Three sensors for different environments
  • Two mounting options


  • The screen may be hard to see without backlight

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