10 Top Rated Drones Under $300 2021| Review and Buyer Guides

10 Top Rated Drones Under $300 2021| Review and Buyer’s Guides.

10 Top Rated Drones Under $300: Looking to buy a drone with price under $300? For beginners as well as professionals, Drones under 300$ is usually a decent budget. Such drone cameras have completely transformed the field of aerial photography.

Finding a top-rated drone is not as simple as it might seem!

The truth is, the market is flooded with cheap drones and it is very difficult to find one that is easy to fly and will work for your specific needs.

However, in this article we have listed Top rated drones under $300, and why we find them the best.

Also, You will find a breakdown of each drone’s features, strengths, and weaknesses, along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide that gives you some pointers and things to consider when purchasing your drone.

If you are in Haste, you can easily run through our top 10 rated drones list below!

10 Top Rated Drones Under $300

  1. Holy Stone HS720 – Our Top Under $300 Drone.
  2. Contixo F24 Pro – Our Value Drone.
  3. Potensic D60 Drone– Best All-Around Drone
  4. Altair Outlaw SE – Fun to Fly Drone.
  5. Hubsan Zino – Great $300-$400 Drone
  6. Hubsan H501S X4 Drone
  7. MIXI WiFi FPV Drones with Camera for Adults
  8. Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Quadcopter with Devo 7 and Camera
  9. UPair One Plus Drone – Cheap DJI Alternative
  10. 3DR Solo Quadcopter– GoPro Compatible

Now let’s delve right away to the top-rated drones under 300$

1. Holy Stone HS 720 FPV Drone – Best GPS System

The HS720 from Holy Stone is an upgrade of the extremely popular HS100, a quadcopter to film amateur videos and even film projects for school without spending too much money on a high-end quad.

It’s also a good drone for filming outdoor events and even family holidays. It comes with a 12MP camera but also supports the famous GoPro.

Holy Stone HS 720 FPV Drone – Best GPS System

Holy Stone has a great reputation, and this is echoed by the plethora of positive reviews on Amazon.

The HS720’s learning curve is very small, although it does require some practicing. It is stable and responsive to the pilot’s input, exactly how you need a camera drone to perform to enhance filmmaking. The HS720 makes use of brushless motors, which can withstand a lot more mileage.

The GPS system also stands out on this model. It will lock on to over 20 satellites in under a minute, so it is extremely precise. The system allows the drone to follow you or easily return home when it runs out of battery, loses signal, or is simply told to do so.


Flight time without accessories (guards, landing gear, and camera) is 26 minutes. The control range is 1600 meters, but what’s most impressive is the 4K UHD 5G video transmission over this range.


The Holy Stone HS720 comes with a great action camera, which will please most people. It’s a 2K FHD 5G Camera. The Live Video can be transmitted to the pilot’s smartphone screen or an FPV monitor. If you want even better image quality, you will be happy to know this quad supports GoPro and other action cameras.


In terms of features, HS720 exactly like HS100, it has an onboard GPS module. It empowers smart features including follow me, circle around me, return to home, and TapFly. All features are fairly precise and also the GPS locks in approximately 22 satellites in under a minute from starting up.

Calibration is rather easy to manage too with clear and easy instructions. What’s more, there are 3 kinds of return to the house with HS720, namely:

Low Battery RTH

Signal loss RTH

Guide RTH

Altitude Hold comes included as well, but I guess that is logical considering that the presence of GPS. This drone has very similar features to the highly popular JMX Bugs 2W, which sells for less than 200 dollars, but the HS720 outclasses it with a superior camera, flight time, and range.


  • Return to home functions
  • Durable
  • Full 4K FPV Video
  • Great Handling
  • Best GPS system in test
  • Only 4K camera drone for under $300


  • Long charging time
  • Spare batteries are expensive and not included

2. Contixo F24 Pro – Our Value Drone

Contixo is one of the famous brands when it comes to the reliability and efficiency of drones. In all its products, it offers top-notch specifications.

Discussing the Contixo F24 Pro foldable drone, it offers premium quality specifications for the price. The key component of this drone is its 4K Ultra HD camera. It is actually a 90° vertical adjustable camera equipped with a 120° FOV lens.

Contixo F24 Pro

This camera allows you to capture stunning pictures in 4K Ultra HD quality. Also, it lets you record 2.7K video for exceptional clarity, vivid colors, and deep contrast.

What makes this GPS drone unique in the market is it comes with a maximum flight time of 30 minutes. The built-in 2500mAh battery offers up to 30 minutes of flying time. The LED lights present on the battery depict the remaining power. On the side, a micro USB charging port is available.

With the help of a steady and powerful GPS signal, this drone can support the transmission of images and live video up to 1,700 feet. The powerful GPS positioning makes sure the F24 Pro can fly steadily to catch clear quality images.

The built-in brushless motors guarantee a smooth and efficient flight. Since this drone is easily foldable, it facilitates compact storage without any need for uninstalling propellers after use. When this drone is used in 3D View Mode, you get a wonderful visual fidelity and a great 3D experience.

Best Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Camera
  • Clear quality images and videos
  • Efficient battery life
  • Powerful GPS signal
  • Brushless motor
  • Easy to fold
  • Compact storage
  • 3D experience


  • Pre-assembled Contixo F24 PRO RC Quadcopter Foldable Drone
  • 4K 5GHz WiFi Camera
  • 7.4V 2500 mAh Li-Po Battery
  • Transmitter
  • Extra Set of Spare Propellers
  • Smartphone Holder
  • Screwdriver Tool Set
  • USB Cable and Balance Charger
  • User Manual

3.Potensic D60 Drone– Best All-Around Drone

This drone is amazing. It is seriously one of the coolest drones I’ve seen on the market for its class. It looks amazing, and it comes with some seriously great features.

It is an incredibly smooth drone that beginners can fly, and it will hover without a pilot telling it to stay put. Better yet, it can even handle windy conditions!

Potensic D60 Drone– Best All-Around Drone

Your on-screen display will show telemetry and radar information. It supports accurate control with two precision-engineered joysticks.

This drone mixes the best in terms of speed and stability. Beginners can use it on the slow mode, and experts will love the insanely fast top speed. Photographers will also love the powerful camera and video capabilities.

Built-in sensors keep this drone steady even if winds reach 15 miles per hour, so you won’t lose control of your drone.


Amazing camera quality: advanced camera with 110°FOV lens captures high-quality aerial video and photos from a panoramic view

Seven stability sensors allow for indoor and outdoor flight with HD video and aerial photography


  • 20 minutes of flight time per battery!
  • Control range of up to 300 meters lets you fly it pretty far without it hitting the 400-meter altitude that starts the “no drone zone” per FAA regulations.
  • Supports FPV views in VR goggles so you feel like you’re in flight with the drone!


  • The flight plan feature is also sold separately through an in-app purchase (allows you to preselect your drone’s course).

4. Altair Outlaw SE – Fun to Fly Drone.

The Altair Aerial Dagger is a newer drone on the market but comes from a company with a history of selling high-quality drones. Where this drone really excels is photography as it comes with a 4K UHD camera. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better camera on a drone priced under 300.

Also, the drone itself is super durable, compact, and quality all around. Flying it is a lot of fun, and the ability to fold it up and store it after use is a nice added bonus. Anyone, from beginners to experts, is sure to enjoy piloting the Dagger.

It’s also worth mentioning Altair Aerial and their commitment to the customer. They’re frequently cited as being extremely responsive and quick to help should you need anything.

While problems are rare given the quality of their drones, it is helpful that they provide how-to videos, which (while raw) do help get you up and running quickly.

Altair Outlaw SE - Fun to Fly Drone.


The drone itself is no slouch. It has a range of up to 300m and can reach a top speed of up to 32 km/h. That’s some serious power that is sure to satisfy most drone enthusiasts.

Let’s also not forget about the weight; the drone comes in at under 250g. This means it doesn’t have to be registered with the FAA to fly, which is just one less thing you need to do before flying.


We’ve mentioned it already, but the 4K camera really deserves a ton of attention. The picture quality is stunning, and it’s hard to beat from a drone of this price point. Best of all, it doesn’t sacrifice the drone’s quality. You get a solid drone with a great camera at a reasonable price.

You can also adjust the wide-angle lens tilt 90 degrees, which offers even more opportunities to get creative with your photography.


Outside of that, you also get a couple of beneficial features. The Dagger has an Optical Flow Stabilization System, which uses a camera mounted under the drone to help stabilize the drone and make it easier to fly. It also has a Fail-Safe Return Home function that can prevent some embarrassing crashes if you go out of range or lose connection.


  • High-quality, durable construction
  • Phenomenal 4K camera quality
  • Easy to fly for all ages
  • Optical flow stability
  • Quality brand with great customer Service


  • Only 300 m range

5.Hubsan Zino – Great $300-$400 Drone

“Ideal for intermediate to expert racers”

This is the latest offering from Hubsan, and even though it’s priced at just over $300, we decided that it’s just too good of a drone not to include.

The build quality, features, and technical specifications of the Zino 4K makes it outperform many of its competitors in the under $500 category.

If there ever was a drone to go over your budget for, the Hubsan Zino 4K is the drone! Let’s take a quick look at just what makes it so great.

Hubsan Zino - Great $300-$400 Drone


The ZIno 4K boasts a control range of a whopping 2.5km and you can stream FPV videos at a distance of 1km. Not even the more expensive drones can offer you this.

The flight time is 23 minutes in ideal flight conditions, which might be the only thing that’s average about this drone.


The Camera is possibly the strongest feature the Zino offers, if Aerial Photography is important to you then definitely consider going over budget for this drone.

It’s equipped with a UHD 4K Camera that can stream FHD Videos at 50 FPS, however, it’s 3-axis gimbal stabilizer allows it to produce images better than most drones even in the Under $500 Category.


There is no other drone that offers this many quality features at a price this low. It has multiple different intelligent flight modes, a return to the home button, and many other features.


  • 2.5km Control Distance
  • 3-axis gimbal image stabilizer
  • Return home feature
  • 5G transmission and 1km FPV live streaming


  • No obstacle avoidance
  • Slightly over budget


ZoeeTree S1 Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphones

Netgear 4G LTE Modem LB2120

6.Hubsan H501S X4 Drone – Budget-Friendly Model

Hubsan is one of the most well-known names when it comes to drone technology. This drone was made with FPV flights in mind and does not disappoint or deviate from the brand’s reputation. It even has a built-in LCD monitor!

This is consistently a top choice among hobbyist drone pilots because it’s really great for trying new things, practicing piloting, and getting used to FPV flight runs. It’s also a great beginner’s drone that won’t break the bank.

.Hubsan H501S X4 Drone – Budget-Friendly Model


  • 20-minute flight time powered by brushless motors and a 7.4-volt, 2700mAh Li-Po battery
  • 300-meter control range so you won’t have to worry about losing the drone
  • Built-in 1080p camera that can record video and photos and transfer live video to the 4.3-inch LCD screen built right into the remote via 5GHz frequency
  • GPS positioning allows for Return Home, Follow Me mode, and Headless mode with altitude holds


  • Fail-safe modes enable the drone to fly back to you if you lose control.
  • Smooth and quiet flight with easy-to-control piloting.
  • FPV transmission doesn’t require a smartphone app; you can use it right from the remote controller’s built-in LCD screen, and the best part is that it is completely lag-free!
  • Live video can use FPV goggles instead of smartphone apps.


  • Limited 300-meter flight range.

The camera angle has a very narrow point of view designed for FPV, not aerial photography.

7. MIXI WiFi FPV Drones with Camera for Adults

In case you are looking for a drone that is quite budget-friendly but has premium specs to compete with the other $300 drones, the MIXI WiFi FPV Drone can do the job.

Do not let the drone deceive you with its pricing; it still has much potential to compete with any other drone on the list due to the presence of all the necessary as well as additional features that make it suitable for beginners.

MIXI WiFi FPV Drones with Camera for Adults

Such beginner-friendly features include Headless mode and one key takeoff and landing. Apart from that, the battery life you get from its 1100mAh batteries lasts up to 20 minutes and almost 15 minutes if you record video alongside.

However, there is one spare battery, as well. Hence you get a total flight time of almost half an hour easily.

As far as video recording is concerned, its camera is capable of shooting crisp quality videos in 1080p. And features like Altitude Hold and Gravity Control make the drone more stable and adds fun to the user’s experience.

Talking about the fun, it can even perform some basic stunts like 360° flip. Moreover, for shooting a professional video, the Trajectory flight feature will come in very handy.

Also, it is equipped with additional features like Gesture Control and Follow Me mode for making the overall experience much better. However, it misses out on some features like Auto-Return, and the control distance is also limited to 80 meters, but for the price of it, the deal is pretty good.

Best Features:

  • 1080p video recording
  • Trajectory Flight
  • Gesture Control
  • One-Key Take-off / Landing
  • 3D VR compatible
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Altitude Hold


  • MIXI WiFi FPV Drone
  • Transmitter (with Mobile phone shelf)
  • Drone Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Propellers
  • Propellers protectors
  • Propeller Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual

8.Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Quadcopter with Devo 7 and Camera

The experts designed the Walkera Rodeo 150, and the Walkera company is very well known for providing reliable, top-of-the-line drones.

They want simplicity in use and power in flight. This Rodeo 150 drone delivers exactly that, so it’s a perfect racing drone for beginners.

There is no assembly required, and it’s wicked fast, so as soon as you learn how to keep your drone under control and react at speed, you can take it to the races!

Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Quadcopter with Devo 7 and Camera

This drone also offers fantastic performance. Right out of the box, it can compete with the more basic custom-designed racers, so you can start making friends on the racing circuit who can teach you how to customize and build your own racing drones as you get into the hobby.


  • 7.4 volt 850mAh 30C 2S Lipo battery provides up to eight minutes of flight time
  • Comes with the Devo 7 remote to control it and brushless motors for stability and power
  • FPV racing drone lets you pilot from the drone’s point of view
  • 5.8g, 400CH, 600 Tvl night vision mini camera
  • Supports 3D aerobatic flight mode


  • Extremely fast! Ready to compete without any special racing modifications
  • Unique frame design balances aerodynamics with stability
  • Weighs less than the FAA regulation for drone registry requirements
  • Excellent drone to get into racing; safety mode for slower users but can hang with the racers


  • Only eight minutes of flight time with this model, so you will need to buy and pack some spare batteries if you want to fly for extended periods of time
  • Doesn’t come with a lot of the accessories (you have to purchase FPV goggles and Flight maps separately)

9. UPair One Plus Drone – Cheap DJI Alternative

“Ideal for beginner, intermediate and expert pilots”

The UPair One is commonly regarded as the cheap alternative to the DJI Phantom drone series, even the design and the camera resemble DJI’s line. UPair is a beautiful and powerful aircraft equipped with great hardware.

UPair One is the cheapest 4K drone we would recommend to our family or friends. It’s very easy to control, even if you are a beginner and this is your first time flying a drone.

It hovers steadily without the pilot’s controller input, so you haven’t trouble to maneuver it. It will avoid many beginner crashes. The GPS system assists the flight, enhancing the whole experience. Truly feels like you are flying a high-end drone.

UPair One Plus Drone


Powered by a 5400mAh battery, UPair One has an astonishing flight time of up to 19 minutes (if you had more payload, such as a heavier camera it will of course decrease the flight time).

The drone’s maximum control range is 2 km, while the Live Video image transmission goes just as far. Don’t worry about losing it, just make sure it’s locked on satellites before you test max range.

The UPair One has the specs of a $500 camera drone at the under $300 dollar price range!


The ideal drone to record some awesome aerial video and take beautiful photos of your best moments. In fact, many customers buy this drone specifically as a cheaper alternative to high-end camera drones, in order to capture outdoor sporting events, holidays, or even a family weekend at the park.

The camera is 12MP with 2.7K video. It transmits Live Video to the 7” monitor screen placed on the remote controller. Real-time video is of great quality and has no latency!

The 2.7k camera is placed on a brushless gimbal that can be adjusted for different angles of view. Love videography and photography? Go with UPair One for an unexpensive aerial photography experience without sacrificing much image quality.


The UPair One comes with all the fun and useful features you will need to get the most out of your quad. First of all, it has a full GPS lock (able to search and lock on 8 satellites), Position Hold, MicroSD card support (up to 32GB) and Automatic Return. Not the best set of features, but definitely has all you need.


  • Ease of Use
  • Live Video
  • 12MP 2.7K Camera
  • Unique Features and Hardware
  • Excellent Control Range
  • Great Flight Time


  • Lack of Flight Plan
  • A few negative reviews about defective units

10. 3DR Solo Quadcopter– GoPro Compatible

Solo is well known for making high-quality products in low price ranges.

Their 3DR Quadcopter model is in the mid-tier price range, which bucks with their tradition. Because of the quality, they deliver at lower prices, we had to check out what made this one worth the extra money.

This is a nice little quadcopter that makes it easy to fly and gets some great air time. While it does not come with a built-in camera, the 3DR Quadcopter is built so that you can easily attach a GoPro to it without losing any airspeed and power. In fact, it includes a gimbal so your footage stays really smooth.

3DR Solo Quadcopter– GoPro Compatible

A word of caution though… Do not try to use FPV with your GoPro because it will interfere with the transmission wavelength and send your drone flying out of control!


  • 18 to 20 minutes of air time
  • Up to 500-meter range, with 400 to 420 meters on average
  • GPS hold system with auto-return and multiple directions (up and down, side to side, forward and backwards, turning, and hover)
  • Handle and position hold molds with flight direction locks, one-key home return, and home-when-out-of-control options


  • A vision positioning system allows for indoor flight through tight spaces.
  • The drone is great at returning home; set it to return home at the touch of a button or any time that it loses the controller.


  • The compass rigging in the rounded top dome is weak

Things To Have in Mind When Buyin a Drone

  1. Durability – Buying a drone that has durability built into the design as well as safety features will ensure that you can continue to fly your drone for years to come. It also means that the device is going to be friendly to newbie flyers.
  2. Style/Look – No one buys a drone that looks bad. Why would you? You want something that looks amazing and will be admired by others.
  3. Price – In most cases, top-rated drones are going to be a little bit more expensive, which is fine if you really want the best available and are willing to pay more. Before you buy, know your budget and stick to it.
  4. Features – Know why you are buying a drone. Is it for photography, videography, or geo-mapping? Are you just looking for a weekend hobby? Maybe you have a professional reason for mapping real estate? Regardless of the reason, you need to know what you are looking for before you purchase.
  5. Purpose The different models all offer a wide variety of features, and there’s no reason to pay a fortune for features you don’t care about at the expense of features you want.

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