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10 Best Qualities of a Good Software Developer

10 Best Qualities of a Good Software Developer.

10 Best Qualities of a Good Software Developer

10 Best Qualities of a Good Software Developer.

Software development has been a profitable business recently and this has made software developers scarce. Most software developers found today are average software developers.

The big developers of the world do not just write solid code but also have imperceptible qualities. Learning to code is the first step towards becoming a developer, but what are the characteristics associated with a good developer?

Here, we have covered some of the qualities of a great software developer. Do well to read on!

Passion for Code

To be a good software developer, you should be interested in your domain and you must have a passion for the code. This will help you develop codes from scratch. Programming, as it is always said, is like painting in that the way a painter develops paint is the same way a programmer develops code.

Basic Computer Science Skills

It is obvious that without Basic computer skills a programmer is going nowhere far. Basic computer skills are best practical skills that every developer must have and many others. In addition to basic computer science skills, the programmer must have research skills, understanding of reading, and the ability to use the appropriate libraries. Also, understanding computer problems is very important for developers who would like to be excellent in their work.

Deep and Wide Technical Experience

It is obvious that good developers are people who have worked with many technologies in their previous projects and that why they are experts in their field and can compete with the developer community. It’s good to keep in mind that working with a software developer who is familiar with your project is an incredible thing to do. This is because the software developer has experience in the technologies involved in your project.

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Supreme Communication Skills

A good communicator will automatically have good development skills. A good software developer is able to learn the problems well, simplify them by breaking them down into units, and find solutions to problems. Also, a great software developer is one who has a faster understanding of concepts, be able to ask for clarification and be able to take some notes. In addition to this, he / she should be able to speak well in multiple languages ​​and should be able to read and document in English since this is the common language used for most of the developer’s documentation.

Able to Develop Code in Multiple Languages

Speaking of language here does not mean the most spoken language, but the language of codes. A good software developer must be able to code in multiple code languages. You must be prepared to learn new languages, work in new libraries and must be able to find ways to develop systems.


The IT world is changing fast and as a developer you have to stay adaptable. That’s why it’s safe to hire people who are always looking for new tools and ways of working, tracking news from the industry, and simply taking care of the boat. The more you know, and beyond your preferred technology, you have more and more assets for your team and for the whole organization.

 A Good Team Player

A good software developer is entitled to be of help to other developers to be great developers too. He / she should be able to transfer new skills to their teammates and provide them with some documentation that is useful to help them, as well as other developers.

A Quick Learner

If you are not a software developer, you will be amazed to find out that most of the things you are facing on the ground are not what is being taught in the classroom. That is why good developers will take their time for independent learning of new things.

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The great software developer has to be able to learn new technologies on their own and must respect all the changes in technology. For a lot of time, you might face a situation where you cannot solve the problem. A good software developer must be able to find resources by researching on the network, from a friend or developer community, and to find a solution to the problem.

Optimistic Personality

A great programmer cares about your product. They are positive, willing to go the distance to get the job done and bring their best every day. Although it’s important not to exhaust a developer with frequent urgent deadlines, sometimes this is unavoidable. When you need to bring a product to market or need to ship a certain feature out by the deadline,


Understanding a problem to the very bottom: Trying to find out what’s happening under the hood. Rejecting easy trial-and-error explanations

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